Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Think Bigger San Jose: Why it's a good thing that Silicon Valley titans haven't built corporate fortresses in Downtown San Jose

Think Bigger San Jose has what I would call a controversial post among San Jose boosters. Mark argues that we don't need tech Goliaths in Downtown San Jose and should avoid pursuing them. His argument centers around the fact that corporate tech culture encourages employees to stay at their workplace instead of engage in the surrounding community. Instead, he suggests that Downtown go after new-generation startups with a more progressive vision of culture such as Apigee, Electirc Cloud, and Xactly. It's a great read--as are all of Mark's posts--so check it out over here and let us know what you think!

Source: Think Bigger San Jose


  1. Concrats downtown! It has over 100 high tech firms located downtown.

  2. Downtown is already a high tech community with creative culture with lots of high tech companies(start ups to large) just like what Mark wants.

  3. Plenty of hi tech in downtown SJ, with big guys like Adobe and smaller places like BlackArrow right in the middle of San Pedro a few doors down from the market.