Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vogliazzo Home About to be Torn Down

A historic Neo-classical home at 152 Terraine Street (across from the San Pedro Square Market) is scheduled to be torn down on November 30th to make way for Silvery Towers. In order to preserve this property built back in 1912, a group from Little Italy San Jose have put together a campaign to get the house moved to a lot on the Guadalupe River Park right next to Little Italy. For more information on the history of the house, a rare look inside, and the location of the move, please watch the short video below.

Please help us save this historic Vogliazzo home at 152 Terraine Street from WMS media Inc. on Vimeo.

This historic home is about to be demolished to make way for a high rise building in San Jose. Please help us save this home by moving it to Little Italy San Jose.

To make a donation: razoo.com/story/Save-The-Historic-Vogliazzo-Home?referral_code=share

For more information please contact:

Executive Director
(408) 394-2893

Assistant Director


  1. Tragic. Yet another instance of gorgeous, timeless SJ architecture to fall prey to greedy developers who build alienating structures that will ill-serve SJ both short & longterm.

    1. Thanks for the NIMBY assessment of the situation.

    2. Does this "new and fabulous" high rise have even a tiny terrace for each unit? Surprise me because I really wish I could feel differently. Because people really want to live and pay CA real estate prices to live in a 600l fish bowl without a space where to ram in a chair and breathe fresh air.

    3. Well its unfortunate that any kind of local preservationist movement seems to get completely hijacked by the same NIMBY contingent, i.e. with the Winchester domes, rather than actually trying to preserve structures, the goal is a complete halt of all development. I just really hope that isn't the case here.

    4. I completely support preserving this (and love the idea of moving it to Little Italy), but if I had to choose between this building and Silvery Towers, it would be a no-brainer for me. Silvery Towers will add another 1,500 people to Downtown San Jose's most thriving district, along with another 20,000 SQFT of retail. It will be a step-change improvement to the area and the buildings look quite striking.

    5. There are 4 vintage homes in that area. This one is the least architecturally pleasing of the 4, by a noticeable margin. Let it go.

      And what is so "alienating" about two beautifully-designed high-rise buildings that will add more density to this area, provide customers for the downtown scene, and add a little panache to our humble skyline?

  2. The right compromise is to move the building elsewhere. Downtown needs higher density, but we should look for alternatives before tearing down historic buildings. I'd be really interested in visiting areas with an increasing collection of old historic buildings.

    1. You should check out History Park, they have a huge collection over there: http://historysanjose.org/wp/plan-your-visit/history-park/directions-to-history-park/

  3. History Park is a sad collection of buildings that were dumped there.

  4. The House is gone. Was it saved?