Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Content Magazine Pick-Up Party Today!

Content Magazine's latest issues comes out today and explores how we connect with our community. As is the norm with Content, they throw a party for their subscribers and collaborators every time a new issue comes out. This time it will be hosted at Southern Lumber--a South Bay staple that will be closing its doors after 110 years of service.

At the party, Content will reveal the winners of the Visual San Jose 2015 photo contest. Subscribers get a signature drink and an appetizer for FREE and there is no cover charge for the event. If you aren't a subscriber yet, just head over here!

Music: Hill Man, Xiomyr, Beer: Santa Clara Valley Brewing
Food: Whole Foods
Sponsors: Southern Lumber, Filco Events, Whole Foods, Santa Clara Valley Brewing, Visual SJ, Pac SJ

CONNECT 7.2 Featuring: Ekaterinburg, Russia | Wayfinding | Blaise Rosenthal | Visual SJ Photo Contest Winners | Bay Area Glass Institute ArtKick: Nancy and Sheldon Laube | Jeffrey Brian Adams | CatapultWorks: Tom Beck | Shareology, Bryan Kramer | Clever Girls Collective: Cat Lincoln, Stefania Pomponi & Kristy Sammis | H & H Lighting | Wearhaus: Richie Zeng & Nelson Zhang | Bellabeat: Urška Sršen | Hacker/Founders: Jonathan Nelson | SETI: Drs. Jill Tarter, Nathalie Cabrol & Lori Fenton | Southern Lumber: Jeff Pohle | Knight Foundation: Danny Harris | Savory Kitchen: Colleen Janke | Nomikai: Kathy and Tone Tran | San Jose Jazz: Brendan Rawson & Bruce Labadie | Xiomyr: Billy Barnes & Koosha Araghi | Hill Man | Album Picks: Tommy Aguilar | Mike McGee

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