Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sprouts and Ross will anchor a new North San Jose retail center

The San Jose area in most need of extra retail options and grocers would be in the north. Not only is that where most of are jobs are, but housing has exploded in North San Jose over that past decade. Fortunately, a new retail center called Brokaw Plaza is being built at the corner of Brokaw and Oakland Road and they announced two of their anchor stores earlier this month: Sprouts and Ross.

Sprouts Farmer's Market will take about 30,000 SQFT and is a solid options for fresh groceries. Ross will grab 25,000 SQFT and be one of the few clothing stores in the area. Both will help create a more convenient ecosystem for those that either live or work in the rapidly growing area.

In addition to those two anchors, Brokaw Plaza will have another 90,000 SQFT of retail when it is fully built out. There is no official ETA yet on when the first anchor will open.

Source: The Merc


  1. Seems the need for these amenities in North San Jose is there. However, will these simply be located in traditional shopping plazas? The design makes me think so. That is NOT the type of developments North San Jose needs.

  2. It's off Brokaw/Oakland road.. that design is acceptable for that side of town.
    It's not like it's located on north 1st with light rail next to it.