Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Stats: San Jose metro has the best job growth in 2015

Private sector jobs in the San Jose area grew by a staggering 4.8% last year. That is enough to beat out every other metro in the United States by a significant margin. Texas usually dominates these rankings, but Austin came in second with 4.4% growth in 2015. San Francisco and New York did not make the top 10. The only other California metro on the list is Riverside at #7.

Average private sector job growth for the nation is 2.3%, meaning San Jose grew its job market at more than double the national rate. I hope the growth can continue for a at least another year or two. The tech market is beginning to cool a bit, but there is still huge potential for job growth in the area.

Source: SVBJ, Headlight Data

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