Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday Stats: our traffic still sucks

Shocker, our traffic is still terrible. At least we are slightly better off than four US cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Seattle. So while you are crawling at 1mph on 101 during peak rush hour, just keep telling yourself it could be worse.

Below is a list of the 20 US cities with the worst traffic in 2015. To see the global list, hit the source link at the bottom.

1. Los Angeles, 41%
2. San Francisco, 36%
3. New York, 33%
4. Seattle, Wash., 31%
5. San Jose, 30%
6. Honolulu, Hawaii, 29%
7. Miami, Fla., 28%
8. (tie) Washington, D.C.; Portland, Ore.; and Chicago, Ill., 26%
11. (tie) Houston, Texas and Boston, Mass., 25%
13. (tie) Atlanta, Ga.; San Diego; and Tampa, Fla., 24%
16. (tie) Orlando, Fla.; Philadelphia, Pa.; and Baton Rouge, La., 23%
19. (tie) Nashville, Tenn.; New Orleans, La.; Austin, Texas; and Las Vegas, Nev., 22%

Source: SVBJ


  1. Joshua - I appreciate your blog and the time and effort you put into it, but I found the photo you posted along with this item to be inappropriate, or at least insensitive. It's clearly a photo of someone contemplating suicide off a highway overpass... I don't recall how this tragic situation played out, but it seems that you could choose a photo that demonstrates bad traffic without replaying a crisis moment for a troubled individual. Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Easy fix--there surprisingly are not very many good San Jose traffic photos. I think he reflected the sentiment that many of us feel while sitting in traffic (to an extreme degree), but you're right that was probably going too far. BTW, he didn't jump and everything worked out well except for the 2-3 hour traffic he caused.

    2. Thank you for making the change, Joshua.