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Home8 Smart Garage Kit

I'm a huge gadget nerd and extreme early adopter of new technology and came across something that might be helpful for a lot of people. San Jose has one of the lowest violent crime in the country (if not the world) for a city of over 1 million, but we have obviously struggled when it comes to theft and burglary. Home8 is a Silicon Valley company that creates smart security systems. They have just release a garage kit that comes with a smart garage door opener, HD camera, and siren.

I have to admit that I've forgotten to close my garage door more than once. With this kit you can check on your garage in real time and also remotely open and close it with a smartphone app. There is also a sensor that can set off the siren if you do forget to close the door and someone happens to go into your garage. The tougher we make it for criminals to get into our homes, the less likely we are to be a target for burglars. Check out the release below for more info.

Home8 Gives Consumers Unprecedented Security Access and Control of Their Garages
Smart Garage Starter Kit Pairs with Mobile App to Deliver Remote Control and Video Capabilities for Anytime, Anywhere Access

FREMONT, Calif.-- Home8, a new venture by MivaTek, today set a new standard in home security and awareness with the introduction of the Smart Garage Starter Kit. The smart protection platform features the Shuttle intelligent hub with a built-in siren, HD camera, and garage door opener, allowing users to not only visually check in on their garages via the Home8mobile app, but also open and close the garage door regardless of location. The Home8 Smart Garage Starter Kit retails for $229.99 and is available for purchase at “Our Garage Door Starter Kit serves a dual purpose by taking steps to help prevent break-ins, while at the same time giving users exclusive smart features that can be used for practical, everyday living.”

Garages remain an enticing target for burglars as it gives them quick access to goods or can be used as an entry point into the actualhome itself,” said Daniel Wong, Worldwide Vice President of MivaTek. “Our Garage Door Starter Kit serves a dual purpose by taking steps to help prevent break-ins, while at the same time giving users exclusive smart features that can be used for practical, everyday living.”

The Home8 Garage Starter Kit delivers peace of mind bygiving users full control of their garages no matter where they are. The HDcamera allows users instant visual access to their garage to make sure the door is properly closed or that no one has entered the property. The Home8 garage door pairs with the mobile app allowing users to open and close the door from their smartphones. Uses include opening and closing the door for a delivery person, using it as a failsafe in the event a user is locked out of the house, or simply reassuring one’s self that the garage door was closed minutes after driving away from the house. To see how the Home8 Garage Starter Kit works,watch this video.

The Home8 Garage Starter Kit Includes:

  • Shuttle Intelligent Hub: The Shuttle intelligent hub serves as an integrated bridge and smart controller, providing wireless access between a user’s devices and the Home8 cloud. It creates a closed network, protecting data with bank-level encryption and anti-sniffing technology, so that only users and those they authorize can access the Home8 system. The Shuttle is also equipped with a 110db built-in siren and 4GB of memory storage.
  • Mini Cube HD Camera: The Mini Cube HD camera features motion detection, night-vision, and 2-way audio. A ball-and-socket mount makes it easy to swivel the camera in any direction.
  • Garage Door Opener: The Home8 garage door opener makes your garage door smarter. It pairs with the Shuttle and the existing garage opening system to give users remote access.
  • Mobile App: The Home8 mobile app allows users to stream live video and open and close the garage door remotely.

A recent study by Parks Associates finds a growing demand for smart garage systems. According to the study, 15 percent of U.S. broadband households plan to buy a smart garage door opener in 2016, particularly homeowners under the age of 35. Further, of the 9% who already own a smart garage system, nearly 50% interact with it on an almost daily basis via a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The Home8 Smart Garage starter kit is easy to install and works with most existing garage opening systems. Users can also purchase additional devices to customize their Smart Garage platform, control multiple garages from the same mobile app, and expand their system beyond the garage by installing HD cameras and sensors throughout the property for complete home security and awareness. For more information on the Smart Garage Starter Kit and other Home8 products and services, visit

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