Thursday, June 9, 2016

Game Five: Let the Rallying Begin!

It is game five of the Stanley Cup Finals, and the Sharks are on the brink of elimination.

The whole nation, outside of Pittsburgh, is on board with the Sharks, and I do mean the city in Pennsylvania, as a similarly named East Bay town temporarily changed its name to stand behind our men in teal.

There have been a lot of horrible, bunk statistics being thrown around the last couple of days about the chances of recovery from a 1-3 series deficit.  Granted it is a different sport, but one other Bay Area team found a way.  A series comeback is not impossible, but the fans must believe and rally in their support.  It seems the norm these days to reinvent how statistics can be presented, from a rookie's performance to success based on whether or not the Western/Eastern trophies are touched.  These bunk stats are meant to fill blogs with silly story ideas.  In reality, the Sharks can absolutely come back in this with a Game Five win tonight to send the series back to the San Jose faithful.

The Sharks have demonstrated this series that they can hang with the Penguins, but they must play the full 60 minutes.  With the exception of last game, all games have been decided by one goal, and as the games have progressed, the Sharks have played better each game (despite the Game Four loss) with evidenced speed, puck handling, and scoring opportunities.

Oh, yes, those wonderful scoring opportunities.  We need to score on those.  Imagine if we have, after all.  This would be quite a different series.

With a win tonight, the Sharks can regain momentum and return to their dominance, as displayed from earlier this postseason, such as against the Blues.  With a roster full of players without Stanley Cup victories (with the exception of the once backup to Jonathan Quick), it is natural to want to support what can be described as an underdog run to the Cup, based on the slim chances the Sharks were perceived as having of winning the Stanley Cup before the postseason commenced.

Given the Sharks are in the position they are currently in, expect players like Joe Pavelski and Brent Burns to reactivate.  We all know Joe Thornton is ready to go.  I have to say, based on the interviews with the players today, they all appear determined and serious about upping their toughness and taking this series back to our favor.  This is great to see, because having this mindset is when the Sharks play well.

As fans, we must get behind our team, the valiant Sharks, and force a Game Six at home!  I therefore expect to see you all there at the SAP Center this Sunday!  Believe!  Go Sharks!

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