Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SJ Economy: Indie coffee houses perk up Downtown

There is a blog post about the proliferation of indie coffee in Downtown San Jose over at the SJ Economy blog. I just started getting into coffee recently, and it is pretty amazing to see us go from mostly Starbucks and other chains a few years ago to a very diverse collection of outstanding coffee houses today. This list is growing longer and longer: Voltaire, Ola's, Vero's, Social Policy, Kartma, B2, Cafe Frascatti, Devine Grinde, iJava, Bel Bacio, Chromatic (coming soon), et cetera. Anyway, check out Tina Kapoor's post over here.


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  2. can't wit to visit these other coffee houses. i usually go to Starbucks because i found there wifi is WAAAAAy stronger then independent coffee house. I guess it depends on what type of work yo do. I upload and download a lot. but this blog was very helpful to explore more. Thank you Joshua! :)