Tuesday, July 26, 2016

San Jose street art map

Brian Eder created a handy map showing you were to find murals and significant street art installations throughout San Jose. Now that everyone is walking around collecting imaginary pets, you might as well incorporate some of these murals into your walks. Many of these works are very impressive and and several were painted just in the last two years.

Source: “Find Beauty in the Streets of San Jose this Summer” by Cherri Lakey KQED Arts

Mural by Ian S. Young (Photo by Cherri Lakey)

Mural by Jeffrey Hemming (Photo by Brian Eder)

Mural by Galen Oback (Photo by Cherri Lakey)

Mural by Jamie Friedman & Notre Dame H.S. (Photo by Brian Eder)

Mural by LAuruS Myth (Photo by Cherri Lakey)

Street print design by Scape Martinez (Photo by Cherri Lakey)

Mural by Nosego (Photo by Cherri Lakey)


  1. map correction: Works/San José, community art space, is actually at:
    365 South Market Street
    and voicemail phone is 408.300.6405

  2. the mural at Falafal Drive-in 2301 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128 should be on this map

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