Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Downtown San Jose's One South tower finally gets a tenant

After a whole year, one of the most central and well-trafficked corners in Downtown San Jose has been leased. One South is a high-end apartment tower bound by Santa Clara Street, Market Street, and San Pedro Street. Sadly, its three retail units have sat empty despite residents fillings up the 312 units upstairs. Now, a gourmet coffee shot with some food options is going to nab that prime 1,730 SQFT corner space at the intersection of Santa Clara Street and Market Street.

The tenant is Proper Cup, and they'll fit right in with the other high-end, non-chain coffee shop proliferating Downtown. Their focus will be on artisanal coffees and teas with great customer service. Proper Cup will also be offering sandwiches and soups.

If you happen to be one of the lucky residents of One South, you're about to get one more reason to love where you live. Proper Cup is going to offer room service to residents so they can order coffee and have it delivered without having to go all the way down the elevator.

Construction of the coffee shop will begin at the end of September with a goal to be open in November. One down, two more to go. The remaining retail units are 3,201 SQFT (corner space) and 1,603 SQFT.

Source: SVBJ

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  1. A local deli that serves regular coffee for buck and a quarter would be nice in the area. How about a 7-11 where the lee yick laundry location is at now? What's the deal with that place anyway. Is it gonna be abandoned forever or what?