Thursday, July 28, 2016

SJC upgrading its "International Terminal"

Yes, I realize this is a second post about SJC this week. The airport is on a roll with adding new flights, especially international flights that bring millions of tax dollars, convenience, and recognition to our city. San Jose went from having two international routes a few years ago to eight (Guadalajara, Cabo San Lucas, Tokyo, Beijing, London, Frankfurt, Vancouver, and Shanghai). The airport is doing so well, it's time to expand the international facilities.

Despite flying out of SJC 100 times, I didn't get to got to fly internationally out of San Jose until a few weeks ago. My wife an I took a vacation to Barcelona and got to utilize the direct flight on British Airways from San Jose to London. It was an exceptional experience, far better than flying internationally through SFO or Oakland. On the way back, I finally got to go through San Jose's customs facility. I have gone through customs/immigration dozens of times, and have never had a better experience than San Jose. Even though we were sitting in economy, we were able to go from the plane, through customs/passport control, get suitcases, and be outside waiting for our ride within 15 minutes (!). If you fly a lot, you know this is pretty much impossible... not in San Jose.

The "International Terminal" is somewhere between Terminal A and Terminal B. On a return flight after going through customs, it spits you out in a place I never even knew existed in the airport that feels like it's from the 80s. This is the area currently being upgraded. The 5,600 SQFT project includes a second baggage carousel, an indoor waiting area for family and friends to welcome your arrival, a snack area, comfortable seating, and new restrooms.

The project will cost a total of $8.2 million (coming from unspent bond proceeds) and should be completed Spring 2017.

Source: ETN Global Travel Industry News

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