Monday, September 30, 2019

Google's vision for Diridon takes shape

We are getting closer and closer to the most significant mixed use project in Downtown San Jose history. Last month, the Station Area Advisory Group (SAAG) provided the first public viewing for the initial Diridon Station plan. The key principles for the project are locating jobs and housing near transit, connecting people to nature, creating partnerships, and making sure the San Jose brand is represented.

The numbers being thrown around for this project are surreal. 5.5 million SQFT of new office space followed by another million SQFT on the San Jose Water building site, 3,000-5,000 new housing units, 500,000 SQFT of retail/arts/hotel space, and 15 acres of green spaces.

It will take many years if not decades for this to all come together, but the direction is both promising and exciting.

Source: SJ Economy Blog


  1. Has SJ considered that Google may be exposed and broken up in the future? SJ may be making a very costly mistake.

    1. Theoretically being broken up doesn't inherently mean a reduction in workforce or office space used. Beyond that, office space can be used by organizations other than Google. Even if Google builds new office space, it doesn't get demolished if they decide not to occupy it in the future.

  2. Remember when Microsoft got broken up? Stronger than ever, it means nothing, plus it won't happen. The only people who are against Google San Jose are those who have something to lose. Happily I can see the old San Jose in the rearview mirror already