Sunday, July 23, 2023

A deep dive into the history of city planning in San Jose

A video going through the history of San Jose and it's urban planning was uploaded a few months ago by Off Brand Urbanism. It was actually his first video and it kind of went viral--as viral as a video about San Jose urbanism can get. It's both enlightening and hard to watch because it conveys how poor San Jose's brand is to people that are not familiar with the city and based on the comments even many folks that actually live here. 

I disagree with many parts of the video. Certainly he could have taken a better route through Downtown and visited San Pedro Square, SoFA, even The Alameda. Given that technologies developed in San Jose are critical to almost all of the tech we value today from the internet to smartphones, the city is very culturally relevant. That being said, he raises a lot of valid concerns--including the complete dumpster fire that is VTA Light Rail. 

What do you think? Do you agree with Off Brand Urbanism?

Hat tip to Kevin Zing for sending in this link.

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