Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Downtown San Jose is getting a new high school

An 87-year-old private school called Hillbrook that is based in Los Gatos is expanding to Downtown San Jose. The school is leasing two historic buildings: the Moir Building at 227 N. First Street and the San Jose Armory at 240 N. Second Street. These buildings will be leased for at least 25 years, which will breathe some new life to the area around St. James Park.

The school was specifically seeking a Downtown San Jose location so that they can partner with local nonprofits, businesses, and SJSU.  Social impact and entrepreneurship are two of the tenants the high school wants to focus on. 

It will take two years to get the buildings ready and total enrollment for the school is expected to reach 300 students. If you have kids in grade school and this is sounding interesting so far... start saving. Today's tuition for Hillbrook goes all the way up to $40,700 per year.

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