Tuesday, June 11, 2024

400 foot tall Willow Park project wants to blast through approvals

While not in San Jose or even Santa Clara County, this project is so insane it is worth mentioning. A Bay Area-based developer called Development N17 submitted an application with the city of Menlo Park for a mixed-use project with a 665 units of housing, a 130-room hotel, 324,000 SQFT of office space, 4.9 acres of open space and parks, and a Montessori school. All of this is planned on just 6.7 acres of land.

The tallest building in the complex would be 431 feet high while other buildings would stand 367 feet and 271 feet tall. This would easily be the tallest project between San Francisco and Los Angeles, with it's flagship building standing over 130 feet taller than anything in San Jose.

Willow Park would replace single-story office building from 1951.

The developer is seeking expedited approval and want to start building as soon as possible. 133 units are allocated for affordable housing, which allows them to use an entitlement process known as "builders remedy" which prohibits the city from denying housing developments if the city does not have an approved plan for meeting their housing requirements (which Menlo Park does not).

I really wish this proposal was for San Jose, but I'm optimistic this will have local developers taking bigger bets like this one for the Capital of Silicon Valley.

Source: SVBJ

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