Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Almaden Ranch Development

I'm going to start off by saying that I think we're going to have some mixed opinions on this one. Last month the city council approved a 350,000 sqft "big box" retail development between Oakridge Mall and Almaden Plaza. It is a $30-50M project that is not being subsidized. The only rumored tenant so far is a Dick's Sporting Goods.

Now my first question is, what other "big box" tenants or chain restaurants could they possibly add there that don't already exist in the area? If you look at the map below, every chain you can imagine already exists somewhere in the vicinity. There are already millions of square feet of car-oriented retail in the area.

My second question is... in today's economy is it better to snatch the opportunity for a development such as this one or would it have been better to wait for a better use of this acreage? I would have preferred a mixed use development with housing, office, and local retail that is pedestrian friendly. This seems like a great place for an urban village. It's a tough call... take the tax money now or sit on empty land hoping for a better proposal in the future.

Source: SJBJ


  1. My biggest concern is that little has been thought of for access to Almaden Ranch from the Oakridge light rail station and the 64 bus line on Almaden Expwy. I felt this should have been deeply considered before the San Jose City Council approved the development last month. I have heard there will be some ped/bike bridge between the Ranch and Oakridge light rail station but I need to confirm it.

    Greatest concern is access from the 64 bus line on Almaden Expressway. With people having to cross up to 8 lanes of traffic just to reach the Ranch, what about those who might not be fast enough to cross the Expressway without getting hurt? That has to be addressed.

  2. The Business Journal just confirmed today that Walmart will be opening this month in the old EXPO space behind Best Buy, right across from this proposed development. Talk about adding to a traffic nightmare. I'm glad I live downtown!!

  3. Almaden expressway will become the new Stevens Creek offramp from 280 north. Lookout

  4. I'm so pissed off about this, it's amazing. I live in the area and avoid it at all costs and I wouldn't be surprised if my entire neighborhood feels the same. God damn, Almaden used to be so nice and quiet.

  5. almaden is boring there needs to be more entertainment ,like nice coffe shops and restaurants.. places to get dressed up and go out, build some thing nice...

  6. With all the new stuff going on around this area, traffic is already a mess. The city made an absolute joke out of the redesign of the lanes in and around this area. Just wait until they put more business' in the area. I'm not sure if anyone gets as frusterated as I do? Also, the city seriously needs to have a look at the crosswalk that crosses Cherry avenue at Almaden. I have witnessed multiple pedestrians almost being hit while trying to cross going north. All vehicle drivers are so focused on traffic heading south on almaden as they attempt to make a right turn onto Almaden from Cherry Avenue.