Monday, April 9, 2012

Content Magazine Pick-Up Party!

The latest print edition of Content Magazine is launching today and they're throwing a "pick-up" party with some of the people actually featured in the magazine. This is the best publication ever for San Jose fans and enthusiasts, so if you haven't subscribed yet then you definitely need to check out this event (and you might as well enjoy a glass of wine while you're there). All of the details are below!


CONTENT Magazine believes that the strength of a community is found developing relationships. In this digital age, the tools of communication make it possible for us to eventually connect in real friendship. Nothing can replace a smile, a handshake or a meaningful face to face conversion. We print because we believe in the power of touch. So, we are having a Pick-Up Party: come greet and meet other Subscribers and Content readers as well as some of the individuals featured within the pages.

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