Friday, June 12, 2009

The San Jose Blog Turns 1 ... 1 month old that is!

This is post number 30, not too shabby for for a month's worth of existence! Originally I was planning to post a couple times per week, but I think I will attempting to do 5 posts instead since there is so much to talk about. The economy has seen better days, but San Jose is continuing to grow in every way possible. I think you're going to see exponential changes over the next 10 years, and San Jose will become one of the most significant cities in 21st century US history. There, I've said it... you heard it here first. ;)

I've done practically no promotion for The San Jose Blog and it's already received several thousand views from throughout the Bay Area over the past few weeks. Clearly a few buddies from the San Jose Development News Forum and myself aren't the only people excited about San Jose. We have a lot to look forward to, keep checking in to see how our renaissance unfolds!


  1. This is a good change of pace from the development thread. Keep it up.

  2. Keep it up! It's nice to have another place to discuss and read up on things not development related.