Friday, January 15, 2010

Zipcar Comes to the South Bay!

Yesterday we hit a huge milestone. The largest car sharing program in the world finally comes to the south bay!  Why is this important? Well for starters, it helps reduce the need to own a car in Silicon Valley. Our public transportation system needs a tremendous amount of improvement, and car sharing allows public transit users to have quick and easy access to use a car to get to places inaccessible via transit. Zipcar users also don't have to worry about all of the pains that come along with car ownership like insurance, car maintenance, gas, etc. I know plenty of people in SF that live perfectly fine (and less expensively) without owning a car thanks to Zipcar and similar companies.

The first Zipcar location is going to be in the Bannon parking log at my alma matter, Santa Clara University. While not technically in San Jose, it's sure close enough. I'm sure students will be using the cars primarily to go party Downtown and shop at Santana Row/Valley Fair. Success is a certainty, and hopefully it will mean more Zipcar locations in South Bay. I'm going to go ahead and suggest the garage below The 88 Downtown as an awesome location for this (The 88 residents + Safeway + central downtown location + easy access).

Anyway, I think it's time to meet the first 2 Zipcars in the South Bay:

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