Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Eclectic Restaurant Near Santana Row

Looks like a new restaurant called Kãama is coming to the former site of Fuel at 385 S. Winchester, right across the street from Santana Row. Below is a brief from Kãama's website. I'm definitely looking forward to trying it out, especially given the Chef's track record (Bleaux Magnolia in Napa).

Thanks to Tweservation for the tip!


The Kãama Lounge
San Jose is about to discover a tasty treat, Kãama Lounge and Supper Club. This intimate setting is dedicated to the Goddess of Pleasure, Pleasure in Food, Pleasure in Drink and most importantly the Pleasure of good times and great company.

Kãama’s award winning Chef from Napa Valley “Matt Mermod” has transplanted to Kãama and his set sights on the Reinvention of “The Menu” it is not often you can truly say you are creating something “New” but that is exactly what Matt has accomplished.

Kãama’s menu is a recreation of comfort foods from around the world. Every plate has a tasting of the original and Chef Matt’s masterful reincarnation.

Kãama offers an intimate and playful setting of eastern elegance and design, with layers of comfortable seating that encourages a relaxed atmosphere.

Kãama is a versatile venue across from Santana Row, able to accommodate large private events to romantic parties of two. Let Kãama cater to your personal special event for any occasion.

Kãama Lounge

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