Monday, March 22, 2010

Update on Downtown Condo Sales

This week's edition of the Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal has an article with an update on downtown condo sales entitled "Developers see turnaround in downtown San Jose high-rise condo market."

Here are the latest numbers:
  • 360 Residences
    • 213 Units
    • 90 Sold (Opening Soon for Occupancy)
  • Axis
    • 329 Units
    • 86 Sold
  • The 88
    • 197 Units
    • 57 Sold
  • City Heights
    • 124 Units
    • 92 Sold
To read the full article click here.


  1. Wow I am surprised that 360 has sold that many more units than The 88.

  2. Well, keep in mind 360 has been promoting/selling units for 2 years. They had a retail space in the Fairmont for a long time. Also, I think the buyers can still back out of the deals until May, so those 90 aren't set in stone.

  3. Just to re-clarify, those 90 from 360 Residences are pre-sales, nobody has moved in yet.

  4. Looks like it will be a while before anyone moves in since they have to have at least 80% of the condos in pre-sales contracts before escrow closing can start. Do you see that happening?

  5. People have started moving into all of the other towers without the 80% requirement, there must be some exceptions to that rule.

  6. The post is giving update on downtown condo sales. Useful information