Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SJC Adds First New Airline In 5 Years

Today San Jose International announced that they are adding daily flights from Volaris Airlines, a budget-minded Mexican airline. The first route will be to the second largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara. As mentioned in the headline, this is the first new Airline to come to SJC in almost 5 years. Hopefully a sign of things to come! For more info click here.


  1. Joshua,
    Anthony here. While Volaris coming to SJC does rank as "good news," can't do back flips over this one. Doesn't Mexicana already offer non-stop flights to Guadalajara? Could Volaris eat into Mexicana's "pie" so to speak. Oh well, I guess the more flights to Mexico, the better.

    Used the "new" SJC this past weekend and the improvements, North Concourse are awesome. But with only two "International" gates and the new NC jetways basically replacing the airstairs of the ole Terminal C, I just can't envision a flood of new airlines/flights coming to SJC. Hopefully I'm wrong/right (depending on what side of the SJC argument you're on).

  2. And the section you saw was just part of the North Concourse. Terminal B opens up in June along with several more gates... that'll be the time to start judging the expansion.

  3. This is big news. I was checking prices between the Bay Area and Toluca (Close to Mexico City) a few weeks ago for mid-June. I was able to find 3 round trip tickets for about $660 total. The $660 price includes all taxes and fees. Since then the prices have gone up but they are still lower than Mexicana.

    I do feel that Volaris in Oakland is already starting to impact Mexicana. I priced the tickets again last week and Mexicana was $350 per person (taxes and fees included) from San Francisco and about $500 from San Jose to Mexico City. Since San Jose is farther from Oakland than San Francisco, I think Mexicana can afford to have higher rates. Historically Mexicana has charged slightly higher from San Jose to Mexico than from San Francisco.

    Volaris coming to an airport will be for Mexico flights what Southwest would be for US flights.

  4. This is terrible news. We need to do everything possible to get rid of this airport. It is just an albatross around San Jose's neck.