Monday, August 16, 2010

August 2010 Downtown Dimension Highlights

Here are my notes from the latest edition of Downtown Dimension:
  • 1stACT evaluated philanthropic giving in San Jose that stays local and found it to be very low compared to other cities. 90% of giving coming from local foundations leaves San Jose, of of the remaining 10% only 9% are invested in arts & culture. To help raise this percentage and increase awareness of art programs in San Jose, 1stACT is introducing several big ideas:
    • Creating a Creative Center for Arts, where SJ art organizations can share production and back office resources to reduce overhead and increase synergy between organizations
    • Reviving live music with Left Coast Live
    • Region-wide marketing campaign
    • Re-visioning Guadalupe River Park as San Jose's central park
    • Creating destination art, especially via permanent ZERO1 installments
    • Nurturing youth arts program
  • 2,000 soccer fans came downtown to watch the world cup championship match.
  • New initiative for Groundwerx ambassadors to improve relations with ground-floor establishments and identify and report on safety issues.
  • Nice chronology of Downtown attractions, from the Jose Theater in 1904 to KALEID Gallery in 2006.
  • The Tech IMAX will increase programming by showing more 1st rate Hollywood movies.
  • 2 new Downtown food options:
    • The Mmoon Empanadas is launching soon at 177 W. Santa Clara St.
    • Polar Ice (gelato, yogurt, smoothies... wow another yogurt shop Downtown) at 96 E. San Salvador
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