Sunday, November 21, 2010

Body Worlds Vital is Now Open @ The Tech

Don't miss the world premiere of Gunther von Hagen's BODY WORLDS Vital at The Tech Museum
Don't miss the world premiere of Gunther von Hagen's BODY WORLDS Vital at The Tech Museum. Opens November 13.Tickets on sale now.

BODY WORLDS Vital, in its first-ever showing, celebrates the potential of the human body and the body in motion. Featuring authentic human bodies, the exhibition shows the body in health, distress, and disease. These detailed anatomical studies, compositions, and representations allow visitors a penetrating gaze at what lies beneath the skin.

The human body is built for action and experience. Intricately formed for optimal functioning, the living body is designed for survival, striving, and achievement.

BODY WORLDS Vital tells the compelling story of how best to defeat life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease through informed choices and lifestyle changes.

Physician and anatomist Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS exhibitions are the original, precedent-setting public anatomical exhibitions of real human bodies, and the only anatomical exhibits that use donated bodies, willed by donors for the express purpose of serving BODY WORLDS'mission to educate the public about health and anatomy. The bodies are preserved through a remarkable process calledPlastination enabling visitors to learn what lies beneath the skin.

Only $19 for adults.
Only $12.00 for children 17 and under
Only $17.00 for Seniors 65+ or College Students with ID.
All pricing includes admission to The Tech Museum.

Members save over 40%. Become a member today.

Audio guide rental is available for $5.00 more (English or Spanish). Add The Human Body IMAX documentary for only $5.00 more each all ages.

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  1. BODY WORLDS Vital exhibition to keep beating through April at The Tech Museum. World-premiere blockbuster extended after solid reviews, overflowing crowds.
    The popular exhibition will now remain in Silicon Valley until April 24, 2011.