Thursday, November 25, 2010

New San Jose Food Truck

As a follow up to the previous post, I am also informed that a new food truck will be launching at The Usuals' Black Friday event tomorrow from 12-3pm. It's called WOW Silog Truck and will serve Filipino-style silog dishes (combination of rice, eggs, and meats). Treatbot set the gold standard for food truck innovation with their Karaoke Ice Cream Truck, so WOW is also upping the ante with a full blown DJ booth inside the truck. For their premier, they're also going to have free beer and wine according to their Facebook page right over here. All the more reason to come to The Usuals for Black Friday!

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  1. Update: tried their food today and it was amazing! Each Silog had garlic rice, an egg, and a choice of sausage, spam, chicken, or beef (all wrapped up in a banana leaf). My wife and I tried the sausage and spam silogs... we're definitely coming back. They also had a fried plantain wrapped in an egg-roll that was a great way to top off the meal.