Saturday, January 29, 2011

One More Plug for the Hyperlocal Vendor Faire Today

For Bay Area Die Hards

Mayberry Workshop is a full-Service design workshop--ranging from graphic design and branding, to apparel, and building and urban design. Over the past few months, the brothers, Adam and Ben, have been selling their sports apparel out of their pop-up shop at the vacant restaurant on the corner of Santa Clara St. and San Pedro in downtown San Jose. They are opening their doors to SJMade in their last weekend at this pop-up location. Thanks, Mayberry Workshop!


  1. Ew, why the Giants gear? Free San Jose.

  2. Went this evening. Looked like a good turn out. Very diverse (and hip) crowd. Bought several items. Fun time. Lots of potential there.

  3. I swung by as well, was really happy with the turnout. Expect more of this type of scene when the San Pedro Square Market opens up!