Thursday, March 24, 2011

SJBound: Clubhouse


  1. um, seriously? i live one block from this place and it is consistently empty, so i'm not sure if how they were able to film such a vibrant scene. i'm talking empty, allll the time. and no wonder... just read the yelp reviews /

  2. I've only been there once, and it was pretty full that night. However, from everyone else I know that has gone there they said the same thing, that it was pretty empty.

  3. yeah, i'm not trying to hate... it seems like they don't know what they are trying to market. is it a sports bar? kinda. high-end? not. how does the food fit into the picture? sigh.

  4. that place is so interesting.

    i must have walked/rode/driven by it a thousand times, and it's like it's still not there. it's in a no-man's land of nothingness. seriously -- i'm not trying to hate, either -- it's just that it's not there. i couldn't even tell you were it is. where' the entrance? through the parking lot? do you get dropped onto the roof from a helicopter? is there a secret entrance somewhere?

    i mean, where even is that sign? silverish? is this miami? and the blacked-out windows and ugly white/concrete/brutalist architecture of the outside? next to some gargantuan parking lot? and a two one-way transit-ways, presumably, disastrous streets in and of themselves?

    downtowns all over America and the world are coming back -- that's a fact -- it can't be stopped -- but if i _did_ want to stop it, i'd do exactly what San Jose is doing -- destroy the streetscape, put in lots of parking, run buses everywhere, kill what's left or rail transit service, keep all the one-way streets and transit-ways, don't provide pedestrians right of way at any intersections, don't even consider allow people to bike into and through downtown, etc. good job, San Jose!

    but also, i've heard of this place a couple of times over the last couple of months -- not sure why -- and i've tried a good percentage of places downtown now, so i'm anxious to try something new. i'm about to be spending all my time and money at YardHouse in Santana Row, so i might as well see what's left of the downtown scene -- who knows -- maybe it'll be a decent place?

    video was good-ish, but could use to be two-minutes shorter, imo.

    those sliders def look yummy -- and i'm not even into burgers. i might even hit that up tonight.

  5. i went, had the pork sliders, they were good-ish. really friendly service.

    nice to sit by the window, watch the rain.

    decent happy hour prices.

    good-ish joint (maybe?), but i'm not planning on going again.

    i wasn't crazy about it. i like bars, and restaurants with bars. this place had something that resembled a bar for like super-skinny people or something -- up to 10 super-skinny people -- maybe, super-skinny 5 year-olds or something. i'm not _huge_, but i couldn't fit anywhere at that bar.

    the place had a weird mix of...noise, with all sorts of other....noise. just a weird, kinda, non-vibe with noise. i'm not even sure if the place could really be fixed. it's super-long in there, everything is just kinda outta place, no bar....blah. not my style, not my scene.

    but, whatevs. at least i tried it.

  6. It was worth a shot at least! I was really hoping that they would activate that outdoor seating area which is one of the huge pluses of that space. Maybe in the summer. I also know they are planning to integrate some live music like Jazz, which would be great.

  7. there sure is a lotta black and red paint and about 10 too many tv's. how creative. blah... san jose... blah.