Friday, April 29, 2011

Round Two Begins Tonight!

That's right, Sharks fans, a repeat of last year's second round of the playoffs: the San Jose Sharks versus the Detroit Red Wings! As it had been last year, this will not be an easy road for the Sharks. Although the Sharks, as expected, beat the Los Angeles Kings in the Western Conference quarterfinals, it took six games to do it. (Granted, the Kings had the hot Jonathan Quick in net to impede their progress.)

The Red Wings, on the other hand, dispatched the Phoenix Coyotes in four straight games, ending their first series of games rather quickly and setting a tone they hope to continue during their nineteenth consecutive playoff run.

In the past, the Sharks have proven to be formidable Red Wing slayers, especially in the most clutch of situations. Judging by the way coach Todd McLellan has been playing his team, the Sharks are more than ready to take on the Red Wings yet again to make their way to the Conference Finals. It was evident in the Sharks' series versus the Kings that the Sharks continued their high puck control in the offensive zone and shot output, but lacked in effective shot percentages for essential goals. In the Sharks' 3-1 loss in Game 5, they managed to get 52 shots on net, as opposed to the Kings' 22. Unleashing over twice the number of shots on net as one's opponent yet still managing that kind of loss may be the sign of a hot goalie, but in playoff hockey, that is to be expected, and shots are necessary to be more lethal as a result.

Sharks fans alike, we all are in for quite a series, especially since it is the Red Wings we face. As the Sharks were seeded higher during the regular season, there will be home ice advantage. It is up to you, the fans, to represent, and show your support!


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  1. I was in the Tank on Sunday and boy, did the fans BRING IT with the noise!! Leading 2-0 is HUGE but never look at Round 3. It takes 16 wins to hoist Lord Stanley . . . game at a time. GO SHARKS!!