Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist - More SubZEROs!

Last week's SubZERO festival was perhaps the best ever. These are exactly the types of events that we need to showcase San Jose's unique artsy subculture. It would be awesome to have more SoFA events at the scale of SubZERO throughout the year. We'll get a little taste of this next year with both SubZERO and ZER01 festivals going on in the summer. However, I still think we can support more. I would love to see a quarterly SoFA festival or event in addition to or as a supplement to South First Fridays!


  1. I think the SubZERO and ZER01 names confuse everyone as to when they happen, how they are different, etc.

    I don't understand why each first Friday isnt like last week. Would that be so difficult? It seems like a no-brainer after last week... and the "normal" first Fridays are sorta weak.

  2. We definitely need more events like SubZERO. I was sad to miss out this year. Any word on another Left Coast Live? I was impressed with last year's event.