Sunday, July 10, 2011

San Pedro Square Market Updates

From the San Pedro Square Market Blog:

The San Pedro Square Market is getting better and better everyday. Our Market Manager Steve Borkenhagen has leased five new tenants in less than two weeks bringing us up to 80% occupied.

With so much going on, we needed to let everybody know what is on tap in the coming months. First, we will be filling you in on all of our new tenants, concepts andevents. Second, we are planning a fashion show with the help of our newest tenantJoelle Cruz, stay tuned for our upcoming blog post for all of the details on the above items. Now for the good stuff, Our first San Pedro Square Market restaurant spotlight: Pizza Bocca Lupo.

Located in the El Dorado Bakery Building, Pizza Bocca Lupo will be run by a native Neapolitan with a passion for thin crust pizza. Owner-operator Ron DeVries was trained in Naples, Italy by one of the first pizzerias to be VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) certified. Pizza Bocca Lupo will be the first Neapolitan pizzeria in the south bay that bakes in a hand-made brick oven imported from Naples (on its way now). The oven cooks the pizza in 1-2 minutes at very high temperatures giving them a distinct taste and texture.

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The pizza will be baked using the same ingredients as the best pizzerias in Naples:  very fine Tipo 00 flour, authentic San Marzano Tomatoes grown in the vulcanic soil of Mount Vesuvio, fresh mozzarella, and more. High quality locally-found ingredients will also be available.

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Ron is going to be a wonderful addition to our project and I must say I cannot wait to taste his pizzas there is nothing better than a thin crust, wood fired pizza.

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