Monday, August 1, 2011

1st Street Updates

Let's start the week off with some good news. 2 new restaurants are coming to First Street in Downtown San Jose very soon. First off is Zanotto's Express which will feature sandwiches, soups, salads, and sushi. This location will essentially take the best of Zanotto's and package it into a deli environment.

Next up is the former Maceio space. It won't be empty for much longer as it's in the process of being converted to Cabritos Mexican Bistro. I'm trying to get more info on this one.

They will join WOW Noodle house, Bella Mia, Billy Berks, and Smile Sushi to help build some vibrancy in this area. As soon as the old E&O corner space is built out, I think we'll have a nice little restaurant district here.


  1. any one know what is planned for the E & O space?

  2. I'm really happy to know that local Zanotto's will continue to be a downtown business! It's great that they are "re-inventing" themselves by putting the successful aspect of their business up front and center! Kudos!