Monday, September 19, 2011

DRUM! Magazine Founders Roll Out Industry-Specific Enter Music Network With Leading Percussive Partner Sites

San Jose, Calif., -- Over the last 20 years, Phil Hood and Andy Doerschuk, the founders of Enter Music Publishing have published one of the most well-respected innovative music magazines in the industry, DRUM!. Now, the duo, demonstrating their creativity once again, has launched The Enter Music Network (EMN), an industry specific ad network comprised of the top sites for drummers and percussionists.
EMN’s Reach
The EMN is a group of nine web sites that together offer advertisers the ability to reach the widest market of musicians. It's an ideal venue for advertising drum equipment, recording gear and other music products, as well as musician lifestyle products including shoes, beverages, movies, cars and clothing. The network, additionally allows advertisers to market to more than 100 countries across the world. Overall the EMN reaches more than half a million drummers and more than six million ad impressions monthly.

EMN’s Percussive Partner Sites.
The key to The EMN is the group of percussive partner sites. The network includes the top drumming sites in the world, such as drumchannel, drummercafe, drummerconnection, drummerworld, onlinedrummer, musicplayers, sickdrummermagazine, drumlink, and of course drummagazine.
The key benefit of the network is its ability to target the drum and percussion industry. Other larger networks exist, such as Doubleclick, but they aren’t niche specific like the EMN. And larger networks offer access to an audience but nothing in terms of services.
"I find there is a real need for targeted networks, and services that go beyond what the big guys offer" says co-founder Phil Hood. "Advertisers need input on campaigns, creative, and how to integrate what they do online with their print and other marketing,"
Another key benefit is convenience. Rather than dealing with a variety of sites, an advertiser deals with just one integrated network. And the EMN can also offer benefits such as the creation of ads and marketing counsel.
'Managing a large web campaign is difficult," says Hood, "and we take some of the complexity out of it. We can help if you want to reach a lot of musicians quickly, or if you want a longer-term campaign."

Nate Brown, president of onlinedrummer and a partner site in the EMN believes that the network’s wide reach through all of the participating sites will make it quickly successful. “It’s quite simple. The EMN is the most powerful network of its kind on the planet,” he said. That’s why we joined since this type of network is the future of advertising.
More than Web Banners
In addition to web banner campaigns the Enter Music Network also offers email marketing opportunities and video ad insertion on some sites. Interested parties can call Phil Hood(408-971-9794 ext 203) for details. Or they can visit,
About Enter Music Publishing

Founded in San Jose, CA in 1992, Enter Music Publishing, Inc. is a leading publisher of hip, drum/percussion magazines, with distribution in 20 countries. DRUM! is the flagship publication of Enter Music Publishing, Inc. and continues to set the industry standard for editorial quality and innovation. Enter Music Publishing, Inc. also publishes great content on its website, Over the company’s history, Enter Music Publishing has pressed other well-respected publications, such as How To Play Drums, and TRAPS magazine. The company’s mission is to be the best source of drumming news and info on this planet and others as they become populated. The company’s founders, Phil Hood and Andy Doerschuk, are well-respected drum industry veterans with more than 50 years of experience in the field.

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