Monday, October 3, 2011

Skyline at Tamien Station Grand Open House with Treatbot!

Skyline at Tamien Station is promoting their high-rise apartment community this weekend by offering the first 100 people to tour a voucher for FREE Treatbot. This voucher will even be applicable at the new "Treatbot Golden Master" store at the San Pedro Square Market starting Oct. 22nd. More info below!



Get the Scoop on Lick Ave: Skyline at Tamien Station Serves Up Some SWEET DEALS and Gives Away 100 FREE Treatbot Scoops Oct 8-9th Weekend

San Jose, Ca. (PRESS RELEASE) September 28, 2011 – Skyline at Tamien Station is inviting those interested in luxury San Jose high-rise apartment living to join them for a Grand Open House: Tours-n-Treats on Saturday 10/8 and Sunday 10/9. The first 100 to tour Skyline at Tamien Station this weekend will receive a voucher for a FREE scoop at Treatbot, San Jose’s gourmet ice cream truck from the future. Treatbot will make a special onsite appearance on Sunday, 10/9 from 12-3pm at 1375 Lick Avenue and will give us the dish on their Grand Opening Oct 22 in San Pedro Square Market, where over 20 local purveyors of gastronomic delights and independent retailers will join Treatbot as part of this exciting downtown San Jose project. The new “Treatbot Golden Master” store will be open from 10am - 7pm, located on W. St. John Street and San Pedro St. in downtown San Jose.

The Treatbot gourmet ice cream and karaoke truck will be serving their new custom-made artisan Fall flavors, which include Pumpkin and Tiger Upper Cut, orange ice-cream with fudge swirl, on Sunday 10/9 from 12-3pm. Attendees will tour the community and apartment models, enjoy the amazing city skyline views and learn about some sweet apartment deals and Limited Time Move-in Gifts, such as a 1-Year Membership to our nearby San Jose Club One or an iPad 2!* The public is invited to attend this free weekend event.

About Skyline at Tamien Station Apartment Homes

Skyline at Tamien Station is the solution to stress-free luxury San Jose living. Some of the great features you will receive as a valued Skyline Resident: Our Gorgeous 11 story building offers an expansive outdoor deck with tables, seating and barbecue grills, complimentary Wi-Fi and coffee in our lobby, great selection of movie rentals, fax and copier services at no charge, packages delivered to door, valet dry cleaning, Grand lobby with controlled access entry, gated subterranean parking, Smoke-Free community, beautiful landscaping, pet friendly environment and a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment available 365 days per year. You’ll find Skyline perfectly situated close to several major commute routes (Hwy 87, 101, 280). The community is adjacent to the Tamien Station with light speed access to CalTrain, VTA Light Rail & Bus Line.

Skyline at Tamien Station offers 1 and 2 bedroom apartment homes in addition to 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes. The rental rates start from $1840 per month.* To learn more about Skyline at Tamien Station: or call 855.607.1554. *Restrictions apply. Prices subject to change. Limit: 1 voucher per person, while supplies last. 1 Move-in gift per household for limited time.


  1. As much as I like the apartment itself, new potential tenants should be aware that they have change new management and the new team is hard to deal with. They will be nice to potential tenants, but after you have move in, they can be rude and not friendly; except for the maintenance guy, he is always friendly. The manager is rude, doesn't smile and doesn't want to answer your questions. I would recommend new tenants to read current tenants review of the management team here:

  2. I recently checked out Skyline and heard about the Treat-Bot offer. I'll be coming back with my boyfriend this weekend!

    I checked out the Apartment Ratings like the above person mentioned and was surprised. My experience with the new management company is that they have all been super nice.

  3. I was looking for an apartment and after I read the reviews I was too scare to give it a try. I remember reading one of the review on Yelp that the alarm went off for days and prostitutes? I have a kid and don't want to take the risk. I also heard that they are super nice until we move in. I might give this tour a try and maybe talk to some tenants during the tour. I heard 360 in Downtown and Avalon in Campbell is worth to give a chance also.

    With the Treat-Bot offer, that's not a bad idea to check out the tour!

  4. I recently visited Skyline for the first time and was super impressed! The grounds, models, views and building are a great value for San Jose. I think it is great that Skyline is embracing a small local business and the downtown core. I'm really looking forward to supporting Treatbot and their new retail store in San Pedro Square. It should be a lot of fun.
    Enough of the negativity!

  5. I was a little reluctant to move in here a year ago. I remember thinking it was a beautiful luxury apartment, but it was the ghetto neighborhood that bothered me. I ended up agreeing to move in just because the management at the time seemed like they new what they were doing, and the first six months were great- until the building switched management companies.

    First, I'd like you guys to know what you're getting into. There is graffiti all over the neighborhood, and even the Skyline sign gets tagged sometimes (and quickly replaced with a new one.) I would not walk your dog at night unless you have a weapon on you (pepper spray, switch blade, etc.)- it's not the kind of neighborhood you want to take a late night stroll in.

    The building construction is fantastic, and the units are sound proof with their triple paned glass windows. The train does shake the building a bit, but you get used to it- and it feels like a 2.0 earthquake (subtle).

    Now for the apartment maintenance. The new management doesn't give two sh*ts about your problems. They are very unhelpful and when you come to them with a problem, they offer no solution whatsoever. Within the first two months that they took over- we've already had two random inspections without getting any real reason to why our units were being inspected.

    The worst part is the overflowing trash in the garage. Our old janitor used to take out the trash 3-4 times a week. It may have been more work for him, but there was never any over flowing trash in the garage. The new janitor is lazy as heck, and you can guess he probably makes minimum wage for the terrible job he does. The trash gets taken out once a week- and for 112 units, there is tons of overflowing trash in the garage trash room, and even in the garage itself. I've been taking pictures everytime I pass by.

    The apartment doesn't have cockroaches yet, but I am certain they will come, and the new mgmt seems to have the attitude "oh, we'll just hire a no-name exterminator to take care of the situation". And that's exactly why I won't be spending $2,100 a month on rent come 2012 when my lease renews.

    If I was paying $1550 a month, I'd have no problems living in this place. But a luxury apartment deserves luxury service, and that's why it costs a "luxury" price. Totally not getting my money's worth anymore, and we'll be packing.

    Oh and btw, the new mgmt is so desperate to get rent contracts that they give out promotions twice a month if you refer a friend to move in. They've even hired a guy to flip signs down the street in hopes of getting more 'victims'. You know how our old mgmt got sales and referrals' Through damn good service.