Saturday, November 12, 2011

SJ Ranks #6 for "Best Cities to Live In Without A Car"

This is becoming a little less hard to believe as I see more and more articles ranking the San Jose area highly when it comes to transit. While our walk score is not that great (with the exception of Downtown), our transit coverage is the 3rd highest in the country, service frequency for our 100 bus routes averages 6.9 minutes, and 58% of jobs are reachable in 90min using transit. With BART and BRT (Bus Rapit Transit), these figures will likely only improve over time.

Click here for more info.  Thanks to Ryan for the tip!

Transit coverage: 95.6 percent (3rd highest) 
Service frequency (minutes): 6.9 (5th lowest) 
Jobs reachable in 90 minutes: 58.4% percent (3rd highest) 
Walk score: 54.5 (34th highest) 
Commuters who bike: 1.56 percent (7th highest) 


  1. It sure doesn't feel like a good city to live in without a car.I wish the bart extended down to San Jose.

  2. Good to see! Hope it keeps up. I would LOVE a bus from Cambrian/Campbell to Palo Alto/MV.

  3. The list is terrible. NY/NJ aren't #1? SJ ahead of Boston? Washington D.C. and Chicago aren't on the list? Questionable at best.