Wednesday, December 14, 2011

San Jose 2040 General Plan

Last month the San Jose City Council unanimously approved a general plan for the city that emphasizes jobs and improved transportation. Specifically, we're looking at potentially 470,000 new jobs and 120,000 new homes over the next 30 years. Growth will particularly be concentrated in North San Jose, Coyote Valley, Evergreen, Edenvale, and Downtown. The new development model will feature the creation of urban villages with a very dense mix of housing, office, and retail close to public transit.

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  1. This is amazing news, although I believe the growth in Coyote Valley will be in the northern area of the valley (preserving all of that beautiful open space to the south), and the Urban Villages are a huge focus, and are scattered all over the city. The mixing of other uses into the industrial/jobs centers in North SJ is a genius way to encourage street life and non-auto dependent activity during the weekday.

    The general plan is worth a read, especially the sections on urban villages and job growth. San Jose is clearly on the right track. Residents can play a role by informing themselves of GP provisions and staying current on development issues. This is a very exciting time for us San Jose dwellers!

  2. They still need to add ridding San Jose of its "downtown airport" to the general plan. Moffett or South County/Hollister.