Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flextronics is Moving to San Jose!

Flextronics, a $4 billion public company that provides electronics design and manufacturing services, has just leased 130,000 sqft at the America Center in San Jose. It's corporate headquarters will be relocated from Milpitas into San Jose, right next to Polycom (moving May 2012). Between these 2 leases, the America Center is now 81% leased.

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  1. Would have been nicer if the jobs weren't just moving from Milpitas. Same for Polycom actually (as they are consolidating a few offices - Pleasenton, San Jose, etc) into America Center. For San Jose obviously good; for Bay Area it's "win some/lose some". BTW, there is a big sign on one of the buildings (the one closest to 237) announcing Polycom's imminent arrival.

    1. Completely agree. BTW, some jobs are staying in milpitas and some will be relocated from other offices over the summer... so there will some net Santa Clara County gain in jobs.

  2. Sleepy Alviso is gaining more and more jobs and attention.

  3. Love to see SJ get some big fish like Google or Apple. How nice would one of those signs look along 237!!!

    At the corner of Zanker & Montague they are remodeling (and renaming) a large campus. It's called "Innovation Place" now, complete with new signage. Lockheed Martin occupy some of the space but there is also a lot of empty space, plus entitlements in place to build a couple of new multi-story buildings.

    BTW, does anyone know whether Netflix are still moving into that building on North 1st street? If I recall, that was all part of the spin-off of one of their divisions that was ultimately reversed.