Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Stats: San Jose is the Best City to Find a Job

Here is another reassuring stat that the San Jose economy is picking up steam. Not only is the rate of unemployment dropping precipitously in the San Jose area, but now we're being ranked as the best city to find a job based upon the number of available job openings. Here is the list of how many job postings each city had for each 1000 residents between October and December 2011:

#1 - San Jose: 130
#2 - Washington, DC: 89
#3 - San Francisco: 54
#4 - Boston: 53
#5 - Baltimore: 52
#6 - Raleigh: 50
#7 - Seattle: 42
#8 - Columbus: 38
#9 - Atlanta: 36
#10 - Minneapolis/St. Paul: 35

As you can see, not only were we #1, but we absolutely dominated this list. In fact, there are not enough unemployed people in San Jose to fulfill all of the outstanding job openings based on that stat (there is an issue of qualifying for these jobs, but that is another story). Expect the unemployment rate here to drop substantially over the next 12 months.

Source: Forbes, Dan thanks for the tip!

No. 1 easiest city for finding a job: San Jose, Calif.
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