Friday, May 18, 2012

Downtown San Jose Event: Arts and Crafts Fair!

The forecast is Sunny and just in time too because we are happy to announce that from 10 am- 4pm on May 20th, at San Pedro Square Market you can come and enjoy the arts and crafts fair put on by TFM Endeavors. It is a way for local artists to show off their talent! Come enjoy original handmade arts and crafts and even get a chance to purchase these unique items for yourselves or give them as gifts! It is for all ages so bring the family and there is no cost at all!  We look forward to seeing you here rain or shine!

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  1. Awesome! Here's a thought Josh; why not resurrect the tapestry arts festival at the SPS market?

    1. That would be fantastic, it would be much more cost effective there as well. I think we'll be seeing a lot of new events there since St. John Street is easy to shut down and the SPSM already has all the infrastructure needed to host a festival (food, restrooms, seating, etc).

  2. Tapestry arts? I will come to that. Thanks for posting about the festival. It'll be my first one, and I'm super excited and hope people come!