Monday, July 30, 2012

"Epic" Apartment Complex Begins Phase 2 in North San Jose

A 769 unit apartment project on River Oaks Parkway in North SJ is starting it's second phase. This will add 289 new units to the 280 that already under construction and are expected to start leasing in May 2013. No news on when the third and final phase is estimated to start. All of the units are either studios, 1 bedroom, or 2 bedrooms. The entire project is going to cost $192M.

This along with the many other massive apartment projects in the area will help us get toward the density we need in North San Jose in order to justify pedestrian-oriented retail and expanded transit.

Source: SJBJ

"Epic" Apartment complex rendering


  1. A massive, hideous project. Design looks mind-numbing.

  2. Sometimes I wonder about the SJBJ...I live on that street and this phase (phase 2 of 3) was started months and months ago. I actually think it was late last year! I've seen other pictures of it and it doesn't look as bad as in this picture, although it's all in the eye of the beholder I guess :)