Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Stats: San Jose Area Tops US Pay by Huge Margin

The private sector in the San Jose area is on fire right now. I have done quite a few Saturday stats proclaiming how our salaries have nudged out other regions such as New York and San Francisco. However, today I'm not just going to tell you that our salaries are the top in the nation... no, I'm going to tell you that they are higher by a substantial and perhaps even dramatic margin.

For private sector jobs, average pay in New York is $63,400. For our neighbors in San Francisco pay sits at $64,800. The runner up, Bridgeport-Stamford, Connecticut, raked in $76,700 per private sector employee.

San Jose? A staggering $85,100 average salary per private sector worker. This is substantially higher than last year's record breaking number, which was also set by San Jose: $75,800.

Now the challenge is going to be keeping as much of that money as possible invested in San Jose instead of having all that wealth being handed to other communities outside of Santa Clara County.

Source: SJBJ

High salaries for Silicon Valley administrators, engineers and technicians have pushed the average pay for San Jose's private-sector workers to $85,100.


  1. $10k is a serious increase. Great news for SJ!

  2. The ultra high salaries here can really skew the average. What's the median?