Sunday, September 30, 2012

Leigh Weimers Memorial

Today is the memorial for Leigh Weimers, a long-time San Jose Mercury News columnist that retired in 2005 and was succeeded by Sal Pizarro. In his final column, he has a great quote that I really love and wanted to share:

"As I've said before, I'm convinced that when historians come to write about what has happened here over the past four decades, they'll compare Silicon Valley to Florence at the start of the Renaissance. After all, what took place in Italy back then was the development of new ways of looking at art, music, commerce, the world. And the technological developments here during the past 40 years have been no less global. Information now is available everywhere. Societies that experience this information explosion can never go back to the closed-off life they once led. The world has shrunk. And it's because of the people around us here in Silicon Valley and the wonders they've wrought. Is this all good? Nothing is. But on balance, we're tremendously empowered." (Source)

The memorial service is at St. Joseph's Basilica (Downtown) at 3:30pm.

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