Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Stats: San Jose Leads in Professional Services Pay

San Jose achieves yet another 1st place on a salary comparison, this time for best paying regions for professional services. By professional services we are talking law firms, advertising agencies, accounting firms, scientific research, and most forms of consulting. The numbers weren't even close... San Jose came in at a staggering $115,500 average salary, $15k higher than silver medalist Oxnard, almost $20k higher than our neighbors in the north, and $25k higher than the New York metro. Now the goal is figuring out how to keep as much of that income in the South Bay instead of having it travel elsewhere.

  1. San Jose Metro - $111,500
  2. Oxnard Metro - $96,000
  3. Boston Metro - $95,700
  4. Washington Metro - $93,600
  5. San Francisco Metro - $92,800
  6. Bridgeport Metro - $92,800
  7. New York Metro - $86,800
  8. Boulder - $84,500
  9. Houston Metro - $82,300
  10. Durham - $82,100

Source: SJBJ

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