Thursday, December 27, 2012

Joint Venture Index of Silicon Valley 2012

It turns out I never posted stats from the 2012 Joint Venture report evaluating the current status of our region. Here are a few of my favorite bits from the report:
  • 42,000 jobs were added in the past year (2011)
  • Silicon Valley employment increased 3.8% in 2011, versus 1.1% nationwide
  • All major areas of economic activity experienced growth from 2010-2011, except for the "Other Manufacturing" category which includes space and defense manufacturing
  • Patent registrations increased by 30%. Silicon Valley accounts for 49% of statewide patents and 12% of all patents in the country
  • Venture investment in cleantech doubled over the previous year. Silicon Valley has 34% of the total California investment in cleantech
  • 46% of 2011 IPOs were from Silicon Valley
  • Half of the SV population speaks a language other than English at home.
  • Between 2010 and 2011, Silicon Valley population increased by 1% (it was 0.7% for California)
  • High school graduation rates increased by 1% to 88% (versus 81% in California)
  • 43% of all Silicon Valley households now have household income over $100k (compared to 26% in California and 20% in the US)
  • The regions solar capacity increased by 41% from 2010 to 2011 (versus 21% statewide)
  • Transit ridership per capita increased 4.9% in 2011

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