Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SJDRA 2012 Holiday Party

Happy 12/12/12 =) Tomorrow is the annual San Jose Downtown Residents Association party. This event is a great way to meet people committed to Downtown and learn how you can help to make it a better place. You do not need to live in Downtown San Jose to join and the cost is only $15 for a year membership. This grants you free access to the Holiday Party and various other perks throughout the year. For tomorrow, there will be music, free parking, a raffle, and delicacies from Little Chef, 19 Market, Mezcal, Crepe Paris, Muchos, Robee's Falafel, and On a Roll. For more info check out the flyer below or click here to sign up.


  1. Speaks volumes that SJDRA would have their biggest party of the year at a super cheesy, nuisance nightclub, which adds absolutely nothing for those of us who actually live and work downtown.

  2. I've recently moved to San Jose and not too familiar with the city yet...Today is my daughters 1st birthday and I would like to take some pictures of her in spots around town. Any places you would recommend...maybe highlighting today's date..12-12-12?

    1. First off, welcome to San Jose!

      Second, I have 3 recommendations for you:
      1.) Christmas in the Park (there should be a giant clock there)
      2.) Santana Row
      3.) The San Pedro Square Market

    2. clock I mean a countdown clock to Christmas that might have 12-12

    3. Thank you...Will check these out!

  3. Anon, you can also bring her to the Egyptian Museum and the Rose Garden (they're located in the same general area within one block of each other, and not far from downtown). Those two are definitely San Jose's most-hidden, yet two of its best, gems :)