Friday, January 25, 2013

Downtown Whole Foods Design Update

Happy Friday! On Tuesday we feasted on a substantial improvement in the design of One South Market. Well, today we have another treat for you to bookend the week. The design has been updated for the new Whole Foods coming to the border of The Alameda and Downtown San Jose in 2014. It looks like they incorporated quite a bit of feedback when it comes to making the building more engaging for people walking by. Here are some of the changes that I noticed:

  • Outdoor patio seating on the ground floor corner. This is in addition to the covered outdoor seating on the second floor (where the roof has been raised in this latest design). By the way, this building is going to host the first craft brewery to be built into a Whole Foods.
  • New vertical sign at the corner.
  • More colorful facade with more windows.
  • Huge dormer windows on the roof of the Alameda side.

I can't wait until this opens!

Hat tip to C.L.

Source: Shasta Hanchett Park Neighborhood Association Facebook Page

Old Design

New Design


  1. Much nicer! See, bitching pays off sometimes! ;)

  2. It looks GREAT - I am very excited about this news!

  3. Woot! Yeah, looks great.

    Here's a SJ Merc article that mentions the brewpub and how it will be open later than the store:

  4. When is this one breaking ground? The Fremont location broke ground today -

  5. Still ugly. Why don't they do something like the Cupertino one? That one looks good.
    This new one looks like a fake building from Hollywood Studios with one big facade and nothing behind.