Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Year Round Snowboarding in San Jose?

Once in a while, there are still some proposals that surprise me... and this is one of them. How would you feel about being able to ski and snowboard at anytime during the year... IN SAN JOSE? Well, apparently there is an organization that is trying to do just that. Right now they are trying to collect enough signatures to get the City's attention in building an outdoor snow park at Lake Cunningham near Raging Waters. You can sign the petition at Also check out their Facebook page over here.

Source: Think Bigger San Jose


  1. New article in the Merc about Uniqlo and Muji....hopefully Uniqlo decides to open in DTSJ too.

    The Melt is also rumored to be looking at DTSJ.

    1. How did you hear about The Melt potentially coming to SJ? Do you have a link?