Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New One South Market Rendering!!!

It looks like One South Market has updated their renders and decided not to tell anyone yet. They slapped a new photo at the future building site itself, but I can't find any info about this online.

Hat tip to Bobby G. for sending in photos of the new render, this really made my night.

Secondary hat tip for everyone that showed up at the info meeting to complain about the "version 2" design (special mention to Mark from Think Bigger San Jose who created a petition). Obviously we are all happy to get any new high-rise building Downtown, but it's safe to say the general consensus was disappointment at the bland and generic redesign for a building that will anchor a key intersection in the very heart of Downtown.

Guys, I think you're going to be pretty satisfied with this latest render. The "version 3" redesign looks markedly better than version 2, and even rivals version 1. They went from a monotone grid, to a dynamic design incorporating multiple hues, offset windows, and a terrace facing Santa Clara Street. Check out that green/teal line that runs vertically up the Market Street side of the building and then wraps around the corner. Huge improvement!

I also added the older renders for comparison. So what do you guys think of version 3?

VERSION 1 (Original render, they were condos at this point)

VERSION 2 (Redesign that everyone hated)

VERSION 3 (Latest Revision)



  1. Definitely an improvement over Version 2. Is the green line just a color accent or does it light up?

  2. I guess version 1 is out because that would only make sense for condos? Why else would they change? Version 2 is plain awful but version 3 only marginally better IMO. Admittedly I don't live downtown so haven't been following this.

  3. Anon #1, I hope it's an actual lighting display. Note how it goes over the top of the building. LED is cheap nowaday, so they should definitely incorporate that.

    Anon #2, I agree with you in that it's not as good looking as Version 1, but it's a major improvement over Version 2 (which I think was just a lazy-butt design, I mean a blue box, how creative is THAT?)

    We can take the following:
    1) Increase from 285 units to 315.
    2) Increase from 21-story to 23-story. You can definitely see this in Version 2 and Version 3 by looking at the height in relation to the "step stool" building next door.
    3) Definite increase in height from 216 ft to 230-240 ft.
    4) Mondrian theme is back! That's what I love about the original! Offset windows, like Josh mentioned.
    5) Vertical full-height accent lighting on the Market Street side. PLEASE let it be actual lighting!!!
    6) A deep half-height groove on the Santa Clara Street side. It adds character. But the more I look at it, the more it looks as if it's not a groove but that particular section of the wall of the building actually juts out! That would be cool if that is true! That would be good texturing, sorta 3D-ish on the Santa Clara facade.

    I think in all it's quite a bit of improvement. I'm happy with this design :)

    1. Were there any specs released about the first version? Such as estimated height, units, retail space?

  4. The biggest question is: When will they break ground? That's the most important question.

    1. The target is Feb or Mar I believe.

    2. That would be so awsome if that were to be the case. You can check with the Project Manager, Sylvia Do, at her website or phone #408 535-7907. She'll definitely know the start date.

    3. What happened to Carlyle? Isn't it moving forward with ground breaking within a month or less?

  5. So looking at Site Dev Permit, I see the building topping out at 228 ft. Building site is actually 85 feet above sea level, so the building is about 313 ft tall, close to the FAA cutoff point, so no way for it to go higher...*big sigh*

    Alright, let's just make the building look beautiful, that's all we can hope for...

    Yeah, any news on Carlyle, haven't heard a squeak from them....

    1. We can always go higher on North First Street ;)
      Love the new renderings! Kind of has that Vegas feel ala The Harmon Hotel/City Center.

  6. Major improvement for downtown.

  7. I am assuming this a residential building.

    1. Version 3 is not a rendering, it is a drawing.

    2. Where did the garage floors go? On version 1 they are floors 2-5. On version 2 they are smartly placed opposite the office building across the San Pedro st. On version 3 floors 1 - 5 do not seem to contain parking, which is odd.

    3. On version 3 there will be units facing the office building very close to the windows. Those units will be very hard to sell

    4. More importantly it would be interesting to look at the building schematics. Are they ready?

    5. Who are the architects?

  8. Yes, it's residential with 2 ground floors of retail/office.

    2. Garage floors are same as Version 2. 3 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground, total of 6 floors = 404 stalls.

    3. That's correct. Looking from their drawing on their Site Permit Application it looks like 3 unit on the office building side, per floor. The two end units would be wraparound with views to the south and north. The middle unit will have the issue you described. The incentive for those units' residents will be that they will have quick access to the 16th floor open-air terrace.

    4. You can check the Site Permit Application, so far I only see one picture showing the side profile of the building from San Pedro street viewpoint, along with basic measurements. You can download the permit here: http://www.sanjoseca.gov/DocumentCenter/View/10538

    5. C2K Architecture is the architect. Not sure if they'll be working with Moikram also or not.

  9. Nice to some movement on the downtown residential. A few tidbits, Carlysle is moving forward and should receive Building Permit this yeat if all goes as planned. FAA and Planning dictate height limits in these areas, however, the City's High-rise design guidelines brings up a good point about having a consistent height limit with a few accent buildings that pop the ht. that is the desired approach to San Jose...that may change in the future, but it's worth thinking about.

  10. I still like version 1 the best. Version 1 would also make the most sense because down the road the building may likely be converted from apartments to condos, in which case balconies will be a plus for resale value.

  11. Looks good. aren't these going to be rentals though?