Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Family Philanthropy Conference

Philanthropy in the South Bay is something that we definitely need to improve. It pains me to see dollars floating from Silicon Valley to organizations in San Francisco, LA, and outside of California. By continuing to improve our local organizations, we can keep operational dollars within our economy and better focus on programs that are being executed in our back yard. If anyone out there is involved in a foundation of philanthropic organization, definitely have a look at the conference below happening in the Fairmont.


We invite you to the Council on Foundations 2013 Family Philanthropy Conference, January 26–29 in
San Jose. Join us to experience workshops, programs, speakers, and social events designed to help your
philanthropy thrive in an ever-expanding system of communities, businesses, and families. Learn how
your philanthropy fits within the larger framework of business, and how developing a systems-oriented
approach can turn complex problems into opportunities to make a more meaningful impact.

Plenary speakers include visionary David Peter Stroh discussing “Systems Thinking: Help Your Giving
Create Greater Change,” political communications strategist Gloria Johnson Cusack talking about “Tax
Reform: What’s at Play and What’s at Stake,” and award-winning author Peter Sims showing you how to
“Think Differently, Think Black Sheep.” There also will be plenty of opportunities to roll up your sleeves
to connect with—and learn from—your philanthropic peers.

Please visit the 2013 Family Philanthropy Conference website for more information, including

We look forward to seeing you there.

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