Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Farmers Union Updates

The latest flagship restaurant to hit Downtown San Jose is tentatively scheduled to launch in May at the corner of Santa Clara Street and San Pedro. It seems like they are going all out for the 8,000+ SQFT eatery and sports bar. Some of the highlights are:

  • 60 Beers on Tap
  • 200" HD TV (They claim this is the largest in Silicon Valley)
  • 28 additional TVs
  • Woodfire Pizza
  • Mesquite Rotisserie Meats

Below are some photos from their instagram page. You can also sign up for more information right over here. Can't wait, looks like yet another big win for the Downtown restaurant scene!


  1. Viva from Las Vegas! As I mentioned in a previous thread, this will be awesome and potentially downtowns answer to Yard House (how could you go wrong with Great White on tap ;)
    The other evening I told my brother about The Farmers Union, as well as the brewery/restaurant at Whole Foods and the BJ's going in at Coleman. His reply, "looks like downtown is getting ready for the A's." I think he's right..

  2. Hey I just found your blog! This is great!! I live nearby and have been watching the renovation of this location everytime I jog by. When will the grand openeing be? I would love to go. I could feature it on my blog too!

    1. Sorry Devon, I must have missed this post somehow. The Farmers Union is now open, but it seems like they are still working a few things out. I would check them out in a week or so.

      Great blog BTW!